Corn Cones

Crispy corn cones made from organic corn – naturally gluten-free, rich in vitamins and with valuable fibre and minerals. The cones can be filled throughout – with a large selection of popular flavours.

Salty Fillings

The choices are: Cream Cheese, Guacamole, Spinach & Chia or Salsa. Solo or combined – in any case filled throughout and simply delicious!

Sweet fillings

Our fine sweet fillings: Vanilla Soft Ice, Chocolate Soft Ice, Pistacchio Crème and Ovomaltine Crème. Mixing allowed, a different filling from each side – until they meet in the middle!

The Long Corn Way

Built according to our plans. The Long Corn Saloon. Custom made and ready for festivals, markets, carnivals, events of all kinds and private events. Looks cool and serves smart snacks.

On the Road

The Long Corn Saloon is on the road, showcasing its smart all-natural, filled corn cones at public events and markets.


You can book the Long Corn Saloon for your own party. We look forward to your call, bring the smart corn snacks exclusively to you and surprise your guests.


Do you want to operate your own Long Corn Saloon? We offer attractive franchise conditions for all interested and hospitable Long Corn Believers!

The Long Corn Team

It all started with the invention of Corn Cones and the development of Pure Snack Pleasure. Then the success story got rolling with the travelling saloon. The Long Corn core team is writing many more chapters together on its journey through the world of markets and events. They inspire people and present them with a new snack experience. The team can use reinforcements – get in touch!


Check out where the Long Corn Saloon is right now. It’s worth the trip!



Stay tuned to what’s happening at Long Corn, where we’re currently on tour and what jobs are available. All curious people are well informed by our newsletter.